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Awarded MOST POWERFUL CLEANING COMBO in the 2022 Good Housekeeping Cleaning & Organizing Awards! 

Like Elbow Grease In a Jar

Do you believe in love at first swipe? Our extraordinary Cleaning Paste will convince you. It’s scrubbing power you can count on—tough on stains, dirt, grease and grime, but free of toxic chemicals that can harm skin and the environment. Use indoors and out on everything from furniture to floors, cars to campers. This is also love that’s going to last. One cost-effective little tin contains enough paste for up to 4,000 uses.


This long-lasting and heavy-duty product is safe for coffeepots, glasses and most food-ware products. Comes as a solid; moisten with water to form a paste. Lather well for a more gentle scrubbing action.



  • Economical to use. Just a little goes a long way.
  • Removes even the most stubborn stains: caked-on dirt, grime, soap scum, rust, hard water, grass, scuff marks, burn marks, permanent marker and more.

Norwex Cleaning Paste

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