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You really CAN change your brain without medication.Maybe you've struggled for years with anxiety, depression, ADHD, migraines, PTSD, obsessive thinking, sleep issues or other unwanted conditions. You've tried medication, psychotherapy, breathing techniques, yoga, exercise or dietary changes-with no permanent relief.Neurofeedback is an emerging technology that's helped thousands of people feel better-without medication. It allows you to gently nudge your brain along through training until it learns to operate in a healthier manner.Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that's like a gym for your brain. The training improves your brain's timing which, in turn, improves its functioning. When your brain works better, you feel better. It's like heavy-duty weight training for the brain, even though you do it while relaxing in a chair.Once you've done sufficient training, these improvements are often long-term.Neurofeedback 101 explains how you change your brain--in clear, simple terms. It's full of real cases of how training has helped children and adults with their symptoms. There's a section that offers a thorough discussion of important questions and issues about neurofeedback - designed both for professionals and consumers.Author Michael P. Cohen is Director and Chief of Neurotechnology at the Center for Brain Training in Jupiter, Florida, one of the largest neurofeedback practices in South Florida. He's specialized in neurofeedback and helping individuals improve their brain function since 1996. He's taught more than 2,500 health professionals how to utilize neurofeedback in a clinical practice. If you want to explore how the brain can rewire and retrain itself, Neurofeedback 101 will give you the answers and resources you need. Please note: This book is NOT a manual or textbook on how to conduct neurofeedback. It provides general information on what neurofeedback is, how it works, and what neurofeedback can do. Those wishing to learn how to do neurofeedback should seek out books designed for that purpose

Neurofeedback 101: Rewiring the Brain for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Beyond (

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