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Spa Days

Rest and Refresh Spa Day

Renew & Revive Medical Spa Day

Looking to take a day to yourself? Take advantage of this relaxing spa day and let your stress melt away and then get pampered!

What is included:

Float Pod Session

Platinum HydraFacial  with Decollete and back treatment

Brow Tint Package (mapping, tint, wax) 

Lash Tint

5 hours 15 minutes 


Pick this medical grade spa day where you calm your brain, boost your immune system, work on your skin health, and promote overall healing! 

What is included:

SMR Calming Neurofeedback 

Meyers IV

Platinum HydraFacial with Decollete

HBOT session

4 hours


Call to Schedule Your SPA DAY 

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